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Greatness is what we’re on the brink of…

With Hurricane Sandy forcing me to be housebound, I took a little trip down memory lane before cabin fever set in.

Think back to the days before social media. Tweeting was something Tweety Bird did in cartoons. If I wanted to update my status I would phone a friend from my landline. My cellphone didn’t have a camera for documenting my new nail polish; you had to check that out at school the next day. You get the idea: no Facebook, no Twitter , no Instagram. Now yesterday, imagine the comical image of me charging my phone every 60 seconds, just incase the power went out. With no access to my beloved social media, I would feel utterly disconnected from the world and my online community, and that is unimaginable!

Before you rush me to the nearest support group for social media addiction, you might like to know that I am not alone. Studies have shown social networking is ranked as the most popular content category for worldwide engagement. People want to connect with others; it drives some of our most basic emotions as humans. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to connect faster than ever before. One in every five minutes is spent on social networking sites globally (wowser!). We can find others who share our interests and passions with a quick click on our iPad or laptop. Is this the traditional method used to discover if someone shares our views? No. However, it has quickly become the most popular way to do it, and I think there is no going back.

­Now that we have almost everyone engaged in social media, or addicted like I am, we need to make sure we are using it to the best of our capability. We owe it to our online communities to make it worth something. Can we drown out the white noise and make sure that users are really hearing what is being said? If we can master that technique, through appealing content, there will be no need for questions on whether social media is here to stay.

Social media, when done wrong, may be compared to teen sex – awkward and disappointing. But, when done right, it is like free falling from a plane. The rush is unbelievable and there is no going back!

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Awkward…Me? Maybe just a little…

Moment of truth: I am not the most active social media community member. I am the neighbor you want to borrow sugar from, but when you knock I am never home. In my defense, I focus more on Facebook and Twitter, leaving some of my communities lacking my full attention. However, there is one community where I love to be a voyeur – ­­­I never post, but I am fixated on seeing what my community conjured up on any given day. This particular subscription never disappoints! If I want to look through the looking glass YouTube is where I go and “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” is what I see.

Like caffeine for the sleep deprived, “Awkward Black Girl” has been awakening viewers to true entertainment since its debut in February 2011. Issa Rae both produces and stars as J, an awkward girl addressing genuine frustrations with co-workers and love interests who place her in uncomfortable situations. This may not sound like a unique concept for a show, but what motivated me to join, and keeps me coming back, is this new angle. Black women in entertainment have been said to be “sassy” or “angry’’ but I love this show because I can relate to just being an awkward black girl trying to navigate life one day at a time.

Once a month, J shines a light on another tricky situation, and her quirky way of dealing with each challenge. YouTube is the perfect platform for this show. Our once little, but now huge community, can comment on each new video and listen to hundreds of people discuss how great it is someone understands how they feel. Another perk is to see interviews and new ventures Issa takes on during her rise to fame. “Awkward Black Girl” has built a YouTube community like none other over the last two years. Now I hate to complain, but when you get a web series this great, once a month feels like an eternity! I can’t help it; I’m an impatient virtual neighbor!

I don’t post on YouTube ever; I don’t think I am “crazy, sexy, cool” enough for anyone to want to listen to me on that platform, even though I am a little awkward at times. But this site does feed my voyeuristic fetish. I will stick to blogging and let the future video superstars keep me entertained.

Source: http://www.vulture.com/2011/12/issa-rae-on-the-mis-adventures-of-awkward-black-girl-and-creating-the-black-liz-lemon.html