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Greatness is what we’re on the brink of…

With Hurricane Sandy forcing me to be housebound, I took a little trip down memory lane before cabin fever set in.

Think back to the days before social media. Tweeting was something Tweety Bird did in cartoons. If I wanted to update my status I would phone a friend from my landline. My cellphone didn’t have a camera for documenting my new nail polish; you had to check that out at school the next day. You get the idea: no Facebook, no Twitter , no Instagram. Now yesterday, imagine the comical image of me charging my phone every 60 seconds, just incase the power went out. With no access to my beloved social media, I would feel utterly disconnected from the world and my online community, and that is unimaginable!

Before you rush me to the nearest support group for social media addiction, you might like to know that I am not alone. Studies have shown social networking is ranked as the most popular content category for worldwide engagement. People want to connect with others; it drives some of our most basic emotions as humans. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to connect faster than ever before. One in every five minutes is spent on social networking sites globally (wowser!). We can find others who share our interests and passions with a quick click on our iPad or laptop. Is this the traditional method used to discover if someone shares our views? No. However, it has quickly become the most popular way to do it, and I think there is no going back.

­Now that we have almost everyone engaged in social media, or addicted like I am, we need to make sure we are using it to the best of our capability. We owe it to our online communities to make it worth something. Can we drown out the white noise and make sure that users are really hearing what is being said? If we can master that technique, through appealing content, there will be no need for questions on whether social media is here to stay.

Social media, when done wrong, may be compared to teen sex – awkward and disappointing. But, when done right, it is like free falling from a plane. The rush is unbelievable and there is no going back!

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Has the rise of digital communication and social media changed the way we communicate?

How many times have you checked your phone today? Let me be more specific, how many times have you accessed your Facebook account, viewed your Twitter feed, laughed at your Instagram photos or read your emails?  Towards the end of 2011 81 billion minutes were spent on social networks and blogs*. Digital communication has been on the rise for the last 10 years, and has changed the way we communicate with each other for better or worse.

Before someone picks up a newspaper or turns on the TV, they rush to their mobile device, tablet or web pages to keep their finger on the pulse. With over 274 million Americans accessing the Internet*, information flows so quickly that we have adjusted how we communicate. With apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more, everyone is trying to communicate much faster to a larger audience. Companies can now reach a larger demographic of consumers to market their products; customers no longer need to walk into a store, see a commercial, or open a paper.

Let me give you a quick example. 30 years ago if a fire broke out in the Empire State Building at 6pm, an eyewitness would give a reporter a “tip” over the phone. That reporter would rush to the scene, get as much information as they could from police and firefighters, interview eye witnesses and rush back to the office hoping they got there in time to include the piece before the paper went to press. Flash forward to present day, you and I can tweet a picture to our local news station who can use it on air in a matter of moments. Media outlets now have millions of reporters and journalists walking the streets and providing stories, without having them on their payroll. That same story is posted on the newspapers website in 15 minutes and 30 minutes later it’s trending on twitter, (complete with uploaded interviews with the victims). In this day and age we want information now and sometimes that isn’t even fast enough!

So I ask you, why call when you can Facebook? Why wait for letters when you can email? Want to save a buck? There is an app for that! Information moves at lightening speed. If I can communicate with you on Gchat even as I write this blog, why would I want to go back when the light at the end of this high-speed tunnel is only getting brighter?